KC Wirefree Bluetooth Data Modules

Bluetooth Data Modules

Bluetooth CSR FCC CE ROHS Compliant

Embedded Bluetooth Profiles

Hardware Solutions

Our Bluetooth Data Modules are fully embedded wireless serial port (SPP) systems and/or human interface (HID) systems. With onboard flash memory, they are capable of deploying any Bluetooth or customized data profile desired, and firmware can be updated anytime. These data modules are pre-licensed off-the-shelf solutions. Our KC-XX14 modules are all footprint compatible.

Firmware Solutions

Our kcSerial firmware provides an easy to use, string based AT Command language designed for easy configuration and operation of our wireless data communication system. kcSerial standard edition firmware offers a highly enhanced Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP). Configuration settings are saved in flash memory in order to provide easily customized default startup features and settings.

Our kcKeyboard firmware provides HID profile peripheral connectivity for keyboard, mouse, joystick, and media controller functions.

KC Wirefree Custom Bluetooth Data Technology